Amara raw dessert bars

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Amara is one of two brands of raw desserts of the young raw food producer Agarikus BG. The ambitious newly founded company consulted Zen Studio at the very beginning of their project, entrusting us the creation of a complete packaging identity for the launch of their future products.
In our development of the visual identity for Amara, we took our time to research the common practice in the sector of organic raw snacks. Our aim was to find a common language between the fast developing market of organic food products and the idealistic requirements of the brand: organic, unprocessed, preferably regional products, transformed into a healthy, modern snack. The developers of the Amara-dessert gave us the general idea of female figures that should represent the tastes of the different dessert bars. Tasting the intriguing combinations of selected raw ingredients with a thin layer of dark chocolate, we created a character for each bar, reflecting the overall sensation of the various tastes. The white mulberry turned out to be a sweet, sophisticated girl, while the cherry-lady is somewhat mysterious and esoteric. The sour rose hip is the most shrewish of them all, but the cheerful, cheeky coconut balances all conflicts. Keeping in mind that the main target group of raw food products are women interested in a healthy lifestyle, we tried nevertheless to find a way of visual expression that does not focus only on them, but that generally attracts people and stimulates curiosity even of those, who are not acquainted with the idea of an organic, raw diet yet.
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