Naming, logotype,
Visual identity, branding
E-commerce website
Packaging design
Point of sales branding
Printed communication
Industry: E-cigarettes
Language: French

Koolsh is a french start-up in the innovative business with e-cigarettes and e-liquids. The company is positionned in the high-end of the segment and is commercialising local and imported products through luxury boutiques and online. Its shareholders share the idea that the e-cigarette is not only a healthier tool to substitute smoking, but also a way to create a new univers of tastes and aromas.

Our first task was to find an original brand name, that has positive energy, good vibrations and creates pleasurable associations. It had to be short, memorable and available with .com domain extension.
After reaching agreement on the naming, we focused on building the visual identity starting with the logo. Innovation, vapor, adventure were some of the words on our mood board that contributed to the creation of the stylized sign of the montgolfier balloon. The typography is direct, sans-serif, influenced by the modern trends in parfumery and highlighting the high-end positionning of the brand. We've built next the e-commerce website based on Magento. It assures easy management of handreds of product references, gift cards, promotions and fidelity points. Zen Studio was also given the task to create and animate social pages in Facebook and Google+ and to assure the visibility in the organic search engin results. Several communication and branding projects were delivered in the next year - visual concept for boutiques, gift packaging, labeling of products, design of promotional posters and vynils, copywriting and design of editorial articals for local press, etc.