Fetish Fashion UK

Logo design
Web site front-end design
Packaging design
Banner and e-mailing design

For the young fashion brand “Fetish” and their expansion on the English market a whole visual concept was needed including logo design, website, packaging and labelling of the clothes.
The Fetish-style is influenced by different urban subcultures, like hip hop-related street-style or the dark-romantic tattooing-culture. It’s an expression of self-confident femininity, sometimes paired with a hint of a grungy rock-star-attitude. This should be reflected by the ornamental, but thorny lettering of the logo type. As the clothes would be sold via internet only, the main focus was to construct a visually appealing web shop, granting a convenient shopping experience for the customers of Fetish Fashion UK. Fetish Fashion Boutique UK sells unique fashion collections exclusively online. The studio created an atractive web interface while granting a convenient shopping experience to brand's customers. Designing attractive e-mailing and newsletter campains was essential to boost the start-up image among potential customers. All standard printed letterhead and business cards were provided to support brand's notoriety.