Wato Visual Identity

Logo design
Visual concept

Wato is an industrial engineering company that offers products and solutions for water and waste water systems. They commissioned our studio with developing a visual corporate identity for them, the starting point being the creation of a name for the company.
We came up with a name, consisting 'water' as a main component and abstracting it into a short, contemporary brand name. Wato is a very future oriented, innovative company, we tried to communicate their values in the logo. The compact icon shows a dynamic interpretation of a stream in 'w'-shape. With the chosen shades of blues and a lot of white space in the design of their printed matter, a feeling of openness and braveness is being perceived. With the launch of their brand we also designed and programmed a website, making an administration for the client himself possible in order to update their solutions portfolio and event announcements.
You can see more on Wato on their website wato.bg