Physiodermie | Online store for high-end Swiss cosmetics manufacturer

E-commerce website
Industry: High-end professional cosmetics
Language: English / French

Based in Geneva, Laboratoire Sintyl is a high-end cosmetics manufacturer, developing face and body care products in accordance with Switzerland’s rigorous industry standards. For more than 40 years, Laboratoire Sintyl's premium skincare brand Methode Physiodermie has been committed to offer personalised treatment, with respect to the individual's skin aspect and morphology.

Laboratoire Sintyl contacted Zen Studio with various web and graphic design projects for the Methode Physiodermie brand.

One of our tasks was to design and develop the new e-commerce web site for Methode Physiodermie.

We created contemporary online store while staying true to brand's traditional values – highly efficient luxurious cosmetics for professional use.

The design is elegant, with clear and straightforward messages. It's focused on products with their properties, production methods and expert tips. The massive drop-down menu is well structured and feature-rich, with promo images. White colour dominates harmonising with the white packaging and further highlighting the professional aspect of the brand.