Rawganic raw bars

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The recently founded producer of organic food products Agarikus BG approached Zen Studio with the request to create a full visual identity for the introduction of their first series of products. Their raw dessert bars, consisting of only few ingredients fulfilling highest quality standards, should be launched under the name of Rawganic - a combination of their products' two main keystones 'organic' and 'raw'.
The Rawganic raw bars follow the same philosophy and ideals as the Amara dessert bars: a minimum of well selected ingredients from organic agriculture get combined into a tasty, healthy snack. The idea of raw food is to process the single products as little as possible in order to preserve their valuable vitamins and minerals. Compared to the sophisticated feeling of the Amara desserts, Rawganic is the more casual product line, providing our everyday's life with an extra kick of energy from natural sources, appropriate for vegan and gluten-free diets. Our aim was to find colour combinations evoking tastes and complying with the sensation of the different fruit combinations. The style of illustration is simple, underlining the dessert's restricted amount of pure, selected ingredients. The main focus of the raw bars' packagings was to highlight the different types of diets for which these snacks are suitable. Transparency and openness about the ingredients used and their origin plays also an important role on the website that we designed for Rawganic and Amara.
See the Rawganic series on the website of their parent brand Rawganic Passion